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Various approaches have been proposed to learn visuo-motor policies for real-world robotic applications. One solution is first learning in simulation then transferring to the real world. In the transfer, most existing approaches need real-world images with labels. However, the labeling process is often expensive or even impractical in many robotic applications. In this article, we introduce an adversarial discriminative sim-to-real transfer approach to reduce the amount of labeled real data required. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated with modular networks in a table-top object-reaching task where a seven-degree-of-freedom arm is controlled in velocity mode to reach a blue cuboid in clutter through visual observations from a monocular RGB camera. The adversarial transfer approach reduced the labeled real data requirement by 50%. Policies can be transferred to real environments with only 93 labeled and 186 unlabeled real images. The transferred visuo-motor policies are robust to novel (not seen in training) objects in clutter and even a moving target, achieving a 97.8% success rate and 1.8 cm control accuracy. Datasets and code are openly available.
In IJRR, 2019

Selected Publications

. Adversarial Discriminative Sim-to-real Transfer of Visuo-motor Policies. In IJRR, 2019.

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. Modular Deep Q Networks for Sim-to-real Transfer of Visuo-motor Policies. In ACRA (Best Paper Finalist), 2017.

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. Tuning Modular Networks with Weighted Losses for Hand-Eye Coordination. In CVPRW, 2017.

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. The ACRV Picking Benchmark: A Robotic Shelf Picking Benchmark to Foster Reproducible Research. In ICRA, 2017.

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. Let the Light Guide Us: VLC-based Localization. In RAM, 2016.

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. Towards Vision-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Motion Control. In ACRA, 2015.

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